Summit Matsu Chillers designs and manufactures industrial chillers for a variety of mine cooling applications, including potable water cooling, oil & lubrication cooling on crushers, mills and scrubbers, and mining processing cooling.

Our demountable chillers and pump & tank stations meet mine site requirements for:

  • Extreme hot weather
  • Dusty conditions
  • Site specifications for custom wiring to AS3000, PLCs, weld certifications and coatings
  • Specified components and design
  • Full documentation (MDR)

We can provide chillers to assist with cooling processes in the various stages of mine site development and production, including for concrete batch plants during the construction phase, potable water cooling, lubrication cooling, as well as the processing phases for applications such as safety showers and oxygen generator plants.

Summit Matsu Chillers has supplied chillers for numerous projects for companies including Fortescue Metals Group, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Xstrata, Newcrest Mining, Millennium Minerals’ and Newmont Mining.

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mining and construction

Construction Phase
Concrete batch plants require large volumes of chilled water at as close to 0 deg C as possible. Summit Matsu Chillers unique evaporator design and piping configuration does this by allowing water outlet from the chiller at approximately 1 deg C. Batch plant water tanks can be reliably kept at 4 deg C in 50 deg C ambient conditions. Summit Matsu Chillers has many reference sites at Boral and  Hanson. Mine camp potable water cooling requires a specific tank layout to minimize the chiller size. A recent installation incorporated a primary-secondary water system with a low cost gasket plate heat exchanger that allowed potable water to be kept separate from the chiller to prevent mineral build up. The chiller included an integrated thermal buffer tank for temperature stability and increased reliability.

mining processing

Crushers,mills and scrubbers
Lubrication systems on crushers mills and scrubbers require chiller systems with built in N+1 redundancy for increased reliability and reduced maintenance downtime. Summit Matsu Chillers supplied chillers for the Boddington Gold Mine Primary Crushers in 2007, for Millennium Minerals’ Nullagine SAG mill in 2012 and for the FMG Cloudbreak Enhancement Project ore scrubbers in 2012. In 2013 Summit Matsu Chillers supplied a fully demountable, purpose built cooling plant including chillers, water pumps, tanks, and controls for a large iron ore project in Western Australia. This was to cool hydraulic oil for the ore scrubbers, crushers, and desands processes.This system provided 4.7MW cooling.

mining processing

Reagent processes require customized chillers for stability of temperature and for demanding site conditions. In 2011 BHP Billiton Nickel West purchased 3 x chillers for the reagents area which were customized for wiring, electrical components, piping (only plastic or stainless steel were used) and cabinet – 100% stainless steel including all fasteners. Chillers for safety showers require a customized control system to cope with a high initial heat load, and then a smaller maintenance load. In 2012 and 2013 Summit Matsu Chillers supplied numerous chillers for safety shower cooling through GR Engineering. Oxygen generator plant cooling requires small stand alone chillers. Summit Matsu Chillers supplied 3 units in 2012/13 for smaller process plants like oxygen generators.

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